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Welcome to our Autism Awareness Online site.  We are here to promote autism awareness through our autism website.  We hope you find the autism information you are looking for and this can become your autism resource or tool to find out more about autism.  Our family was blessed on December 29, 1999 when our daughter was born.  She was diagnosed with severe autism at the tender age of three.  Our hope here at Autism Awareness Online is that we can all work together to find the missing puzzle piece to autism.

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You may be visiting our site or many different reasons.  You may be a parent or a family member of an autistic child, an autism educator, or maybe just someone who is interested finding autism information or just finding answers to your questions on autism.  If so, you have come to the right place for your autism answers and autism information.  This sole reason this website was designed and started was because of our beautiful autistic daughter.  She is interwoven throughout the entire site and through almost all of the autism graphics we have used By now most of us know that autism has reach an all time high with 1 out of 150 children to be diagnosed with autism and 80% of all autistic people are under the age of 18.  This autism statistic is simply staggering and it makes us wonder  "Why?". 

By now
most people either have someone in their family who has an autistic child or they know someone who does.  Is it our environment, mercury, toxins, or maybe something else that still has to be researched.  One thing is for certain, we are all in this together to help find that missing puzzle piece.  The rate of autism is continuing to grow and we have read that they are now saying within 7 years it will be 1 out of every 7 young families will have an autistic child in it. Lets find that puzzle piece together.  We looking forward to seeing you back to find the autism information you are looking for.

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Mommy's Angel In Heaven

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This months poem

Did you know that Angels are among us?

Angels are from heaven,
We already know.
But where are they at,
Only God knows.

Sometimes they hide
And do miracles so great,
But sometimes their
Right there in plain sight.

How can we tell
An angel is beside us?
Look for the goodness
And innocence all around.

It may surprise you to find out
that each one of us has our own,
One that is there guiding
And protecting us all day long.

No it is no one you would suspect
Or even think of;
However, to know they are all around
Can give us all a little peace in our heart.

God sent one special angel
In the form of someone with autism.
She taught so many how to love
Without a word to be spoken.

Her angelic innocence
Is what makes her remarkable.
Her never ending love and kindness
Can show anyone how to live

God sent this angel
to take care of us all.
To be the one to follow
And show us God’s way.

Then one day,
God decided to bring her home.
Those of us on earth
Were heartbroken and sad.

Even though she is no longer
Here on this earth,
It gives us peace to know,
She’s actually watching over us every day of our life.

Now, isn’t it good to know
Angels are among us,
Guiding us through
Till we can be together again someday.

Written by Kristena Tunstall Copyright ©2010

We are looking for poems and/or articles on autism to put either here on our home page or post them in our articles section of our site. If you have a poem or articles or know of someone with a poem or an article please send them to our email address:

Your friends at Autism Awareness Online

Here at Autism Awareness Online, we would like to start a new section for Featured Writers.  If you would like to be considered, please send your writing to   All Featured Writers for  our site will have their name listed on our home page under our Featured Writer menu and then a link to a webpage listing all of the individuals writings.  Each writer will have their own page and at a minimum at least one new article or story each month, if not more, depending on the writer.  We look forward to meeting our new featured writers soon.



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